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Hey There,

I'M Jay!

I'M a Foodie based in Halifax, Nova ScoTia

Hello, my name is Jay Blake and I'm a third year business student at SMU. Growing up in rural Labrador, I mainly ate basic hunted meat while watching the food network. This led to myself exploring the Halifax restaurant scene connoisseur style. Now, after a year of trying over 60 restaurants in Halifax, I created this blog to share some recommendations and other random stuff. I hope this blog will lead to your next enjoyable evening!

My First Halifax Meal: The Mariott Chowder

My first rated restaurant meal - Seafood Chowder at Stone’s Throw. This chowder is a perfect introduction to Nova Scotia Seafood as it delivers the textbook version of chowder with high quality ingredients, taste, and perfect presentation.


My First Beer Flight

My introduction to the world of craft beer - 2 flights of beer from Les 3 Brasseurs, featuring the breweries 4 classic takes on a blonde, amber, wheat, and IPA, along with 4 seasonal experimental beers. 200 Craft beers later, the 3 Brewers Blonde remains my favorite beer.

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