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Halifax's Best Noodle Joint: Noodle Nami

From growing up in a small town with a limited menu, I grew a desire to try many different dishes once I moved to the great city of Halifax. Out of all these dishes the one I desired most hands down was an authentic bowl of ramen. This naturally led me on a hunt for the best ramen joint in town, where I tried Buta Ramen (6/10), Truly Tasty (4/10), and Bomber Chicken (5/10) in September 2021. Unfortunately, as shown by my ratings none of these joints were exceptional, the reason being all of their broth was disappointing. It wasn't until two months after my hunt that I found not only the best ramen joint in town but also the best noodle restaurant in all of Halifax: Noodle Nami.

Noodle Nami is a hidden gem of a restaurant located near the end of Quinpool Road. It serves as both a cozy dine-in spot along with a good option for your late-night take-out at a reasonable price. Sporting an incredible roster of noodles done in many ways from soups to fried, and even lo mein (salad), there is a noodle dish that works for anyone.

From the very first time I entered Noodle Nami, I became infatuated with this restaurant and its incredible menu. Noodle Nami's selection truly has such a wide selection of noodle dishes that anyone can find a noodle dish that appeals to them. For soup lovers, you have the three classic staples of ramen: Tonkutsu, Shoyu, and Miso. There is also Vietnamese Pho and my personal favorite soup, the Hokkaido Winter: an entrancing Japanese seafood soup with incredibly soft crab meat, squid, and squishy scallops.

Aside from soups, there are many noodle plates with a variety of spice, crunchiness, and size. Some of my personal recommendations are the Singapore Princess for soft noodles with a bit of spice, the Korean Wave for a small portion with a lot of flavor, and the Thai Avenue for a massive portion of noodles, shrimp, and mixed veggies. However, the best noodle dish in my experience at Noodle Nami is the Cantonese Pride. This noodle dish is simply divine with a large bowl of oily and crunchy noodles stir-fried with your choice of chicken, beef, or shrimp (go with shrimp), along with large pieces of veggies that go down well with the help of the oil. I've ordered the Cantonese Pride over five times now and I don't intend to stop anytime soon!

Noodle Nami also has a decent variety of appetizers and side orders, like gyoza, karage, takoyaki, and ginger beef. My favorite of these is the ginger beef because a small portion of it can be added to a noodle dish for a couple dollars, and eating the ginger beef right before leaving the restaurant heats up your stomach, which helps keep the body warm on the trip back home. There is also a nice mango cheesecake for those that want to have a little dessert and an ok drink menu.

Other than the food, Noodle Nami is a very hospitable restaurant with attentive staff and a cozy vibe from the cute decorations and wooden tables. In my experience food is served very quickly, so you can be in and out of the restaurant in under an hour. The price is also incredible for the portions received on most dishes, with around $17 for main courses and $8 for sides. I've only ordered delivery once, but in my experience the delivery was fast and there was no impact on the portions.

For over a year now Noodle Nami has become my go-to place when I want to eat out and know that I will leave the restaurant satisfied. The sheer variety of incredible menu items that fill my belly for a cheap price just leaves me curious and wanting to come back for more. For this reason, I can say with confidence that Noodle Nami is my favorite restaurant in all of Halifax, and you should do yourself a favor by checking out this joint!

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