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The Gorsebrook Lounge Wednesday Wing Deal Scam

So for those familiar with Saint Mary's University you most likely know about the Gorsebrook Lounge, which is the university pub, and overall it is a decent pub. The beer and spirits selection is good, service is relatively speedy, the food is on par for pub quality, and prices are fair. For those who want to burn off their flex dollars(university currency), I highly recommend taking advantage of the $10 daily specials, especially the Monday grilled cheese and tomato soup that reminds me of a nice weekend lunch as a child. The biggest downfalls for the Gorsebrook is the awful looping music playlist and the very early closing hours (no food after 6:45) along with only operating on weekdays, so I give it a 6/10.

Now from my mini-review above we know the Gorsebrook Lounge as a whole is all fine and dandy, but I want to bring up a little promotional trick that you may have fallen for. I'm going to explain how the Gorsebrook and SMUSA have been using their Wednesday wing trivia nights to take more money from you than what you're saving.

One of the most popular orders on the Goresebrook menu is their husky wings, which are ten generously breaded chicken wings with a good variety of dipping sauces at the cheap price of $10. For a while, these wings were my favorite until I tried some wings at the Nextdoor Pub in Montreal, which blows these wings out of the water. Regardless the Husky Wings are popular, which is why they are given a $1.50 discount down to $8.50 on Wednesdays to encourage people to attend SMUSA's trivia nights.

You might be wondering now what could be the problem with this deal. At the base, there is truly nothing wrong with it and for the Gorsebrook it has proven to be their best method for profit since the pub normally only gets a large inflow of customers on Wing Wednesday. So let me tell you why this deal is not all it's cut out to be. The problem with the wing deal is the part that you don't learn until you make a wing order: With the wings, you also have to buy a drink with real money.

A rule at the Gorsebrook Lounge is that you cannot buy any sort of drink with flex dollars. This rule is very dumb and inconvenient because food and drink need to be purchased separately by different staff. Now for those who only want to pay in flex instead of real money, they still can by only ordering water with their food. Unfortunately, the wing deal is an exception to this rule.

Out of all the paid drinks served at the Gorsebrook, the cheapest option for a paid drink is a minute maid orange juice at $2.50. Also since the wing deal "conveniently" starts after happy hour has ended, the people looking to drink will have to pay at least $5. After learning this, the $1.50 you save on wings ain't looking like much of a steal. In fact, I'd rather just pay the $10 for the wings without a drink.

Now for those who intend to drink regardless of the wing deal, this scam deal will actually save you $1.50. Also the requirement to buy a drink only applies per person rather than per wing order, so you could buy multiple rounds of wings for yourself and save $1.50 each time. The real people that this scam deal hurts are those who only want one order of wings and don't want to drink or can't drink. This may not seem like many people would be affected, but the husky wings are too greasy for most to down a second batch, and who honestly wants to drink on a friggin Wednesday.

In the grand scheme of things this scam deal is not that big of an issue. I was just very upset the first time I went to a trivia night, because I had to take out my wallet to buy an orange juice I didn't want and spend an extra dollar for the wings I was expecting a discount for. Ever since then, I buy a beer with my wings during the trivia nights to seize some of the deal, but I know that in a way I'm being forced to buy the beer. It just shows some deals that appear like a steal are really just a sham, and not even your friendly local university is an exception to this. Next time you're attending trivia night, I recommend you have a closer look at your other options because the wing deal is not as great as it first appears to be.

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